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That’s what occurred in Houston, as the Texans beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 30-10. The Texans protection finally began getting some turnovers. That’s what occurred when Sean McVay took over for Jeff Fisher and won coach of the 12 months. In case one is out of the world and desires to still monitor, he can do so by switching over to the cellular choice. There’s still the issue of that one loss, wherein the Ravens were overmatched by the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs will probably be superb, however they clearly aren’t unbeatable. The Las Vegas Raiders’ huge upset of the Chiefs will be noted throughout the NFL. All NFL teams lose ultimately, even if they’re defending Super Bowl champions and have Patrick Mahomes. That's, all NFL groups besides the 1972 Dolphins lose. The Dolphins may not be able to compete for a playoff spot but, but Sunday was a step in the right direction

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